Planning a Programme


g-girls-clipboard-p1080135-webDeveloping an outdoor learning programme from scratch can be daunting, particularly if you have limited experience. To help you, the ACEWild partners have designed a planning framework to guide you through the various stages.

It is important to recognise the importance of the Foundation, Research and Development stages. If these early steps haven’t been taken effectively, success with the students themselves will be much harder to achieve – and measure. It is vital that you identify, at an early stage, what you are hoping to achieve and for whom,  also the resources you have available (financial, physical space, expertise, time, etc).



AHS quote for planning a programme page

A good place to start would be a review of the Case Studies from each country so that you get a feel for the range of models piloted; from a 12-week outdoor learning programme using external specialists brought into school (could be used as “intervention” projects), to  a year-long, accredited course, designed and delivered mainly by a teacher/tutor employed by the school, with effective use of external partners. Our experiences may help you decide which model/s may be most appropriate for your setting and who you would need to employ to develop your own outdoor learning programme.

Here is the process a setting/school would follow in the UK to take an ACEWild approach.

Click on the images below and download the PDF to obtain a fully-interactive PDF version with active links. Scroll down for the German and Dutch versions.


German version


Dutch version